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Sandra Mayberry

Sandra Mayberry San Diego Family Law says “If you just think you may be getting a divorce you need a support system. You will need help to gather documents and to get good advice on whether you need to act right away to protect your assets.”

A Family Law Attorney should be an integral part of any support system. The three most important things to look for when choosing the attorney that is right for you are;

• A personality that fits with yours. This can only be found in meeting with them or by getting a good referral from a friend who knows you well.
• The attorney must be honest and provides easy to understand information. This begins with how their staff responds to your initial contact
• You want an attorney who is experienced and has a good reputation. Look online for State Bar certifications and organizations to which the person belongs. Websites like Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers are good because these website reviews are by other lawyers who are assessing that lawyer.

Sandra tells us “The most often asked questions are; ‘can I afford it/how much will it cost?’, ‘What am I entitled to receive in property and/or support?’ “

Determining the cost of the divorce requires an assessment of your income/expenses by a good lawyer and possibly a financial person to look at your budget. Not hiring a lawyer can end up costing you more if you don’t understand the law.

California is a community property state. This means a couple is splitting all the assets/obligations acquired during their marriage unless from an inheritance or gift during the marriage.

Defining a budget is absolutely necessary because you will have almost half the income you have had in the past if you are separating households.

You should store/remove anything that could be damaged and which you cannot replace.

Divorce is a difficult emotional process for even the best people. Always make certain your spouse is aware of the divorce. Do not surprise them so they come home one day to an empty shelf.

Divorce is extremely difficult for children, even with two very amicable parents. Check in with a good child psychologist ; you don’t need to take your children to one unless it’s immediately needed for them.

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