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Sandra Mayberry San Diego Family Law | Divorce May Be Inevitable But It Need Not Be Destructive

Sandra Mayberry San Diego Family Law says “If you just think you may be getting a divorce you need a support system. You will need help to gather documents and to get good advice on whether you need to act right away to protect your assets.”

A Family Law Attorney should be an integral part of any support system. The three most important things to look for when choosing the attorney that is right for you are;

• A personality that fits with yours. This can only be found in meeting with them or by getting a good referral from a friend who knows you well.
• The attorney must be honest and provides easy to understand information. This begins with how their staff responds to your initial contact
• You want an attorney who is experienced and has a good reputation. Look online for State Bar certifications and organizations to which the person belongs. Websites like Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers are good because these website reviews are by other lawyers who are assessing that lawyer.

Sandra tells us “The most often asked questions are; ‘can I afford it/how much will it cost?’, ‘What am I entitled to receive in property and/or support?’ “

Determining the cost of the divorce requires an assessment of your income/expenses by a good lawyer and possibly a financial person to look at your budget. Not hiring a lawyer can end up costing you more if you don’t understand the law.

California is a community property state. This means a couple is splitting all the assets/obligations acquired during their marriage unless from an inheritance or gift during the marriage.

Defining a budget is absolutely necessary because you will have almost half the income you have had in the past if you are separating households.

You should store/remove anything that could be damaged and which you cannot replace.

Divorce is a difficult emotional process for even the best people. Always make certain your spouse is aware of the divorce. Do not surprise them so they come home one day to an empty shelf.

Divorce is extremely difficult for children, even with two very amicable parents. Check in with a good child psychologist ; you don’t need to take your children to one unless it’s immediately needed for them.

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San Diego Patent Attorney Peter Gutenberg Warns Inventors About Trolls and Offers Tips for Selecting a Patent Lawyer

Patents on intellectual material is one of the most misunderstood facets of the law. One of the biggest problems currently facing inventors and the judicial system are “patent trolls”.  Patent attorney Peter Gutenberg, owner of the Law Offices of Peter Gutenberg, specializes in patent law and is a leading authority on patent trolls.

“So-called “patent trolls” or patent assertion entities get a lot of press,” said Gutenberg. “Generally, these are firms which buy up patients and assert them against infringers or license them to users. The bad reputation of these people is that they pay the inventors a relatively small sum for the patent rights and reap huge rewards after litigation. They clog up the court system with patent-related litigation.”

A patent troll can be an individual or entity. In many instances the buyer never actively markets the product or method developed by the creator. The inventor’s vision of making millions evaporates and they come to Gutenberg for answers, while the patent troll’s income soars by suing others for infringement, slowing down the court system in the process.

Universities are one of the entities that routinely purchase patents, with the University of California system one of the largest holders of patents in the U.S. Inventors should be aware that they don’t have to sell their patent outright. Licensing is also an option. To avoid patent trolls and theft, Gutenberg advises, “If you have invented something, don’t make and sell it and don’t disclose it.”

In many instances, a patent troll may represent the only offer an inventor receives. There are millions of patents on file that have never been monetarily successful for their creator.  Many individuals fear the cost of hiring a professional and fail to seek the expertise that only an experienced patent lawyer can provide.

Obtaining a patent isn’t a simple procedure and inventors should be aware that it doesn’t automatically confer monetary rewards. A patent can be a costly and time consuming endeavor, depending upon the complexity of the patent and the amount of research that must be conducted. The patent application can take 40 to 50 hours to write and the average patent takes 3-5 years to obtain.

Prior to changes in the law, an individual had to prove that they were the first to invent or discover something to be granted a patent. Today, the first person to file for a patent will be recognized as the holder. A patent, and the invention or concept it protects, is essentially a piece of property and is treated as such by the law.

Gutenberg advises inventors to educate themselves about the patent process by visiting the patent office website before retaining legal counsel. They should seek an attorney that will explain the costs and process beforehand, select someone they feel comfortable working with, and someone with the appropriate education, diligence and attention to detail.

Patent Attorney Peter Gutenberg can be reached through his office at 10606 Camino Ruiz Suite 8 #263, San Diego, CA 92126.  More information may be found on Mr. Gutenberg’s Web Site

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San Diego Attorney Jason Feldman and The Major Misconception About Immigration Law Today

Jason Feldman, a prominent San Diego immigration attorney, says, “The misconception is that immigration Iaw is primarily about helping illegal immigrants. Not true”.  Although illegal immigrants and immigration reform are receiving most of the headlines, the majority of immigration law clients entered the United States legally and wants to live and work here legally.

Immigration lawyers spend a huge proportion of their time representing employers who want to hire foreign nationals, individuals who want to invest in the United States and start businesses here, those who want to marry a foreigner and those with other immigration-related matters.

It is true that illegal immigration has become the elephant in the room. “Reform” covers what to do with all the illegal immigrants who are here already, the limits on skilled workers and the per country limits.  Public discussions of illegal immigration produce many opinions pro and con.

On the “pro” side, the often-mentioned facts that illegal immigrants do many of the jobs Americans don’t want to do. They keep the price of our goods and services low. They also help keep Social Security afloat because many of them pay into the system using fake identification numbers and have no way to collect on their payments.

Limiting the entry of skilled workers does not make sense as these workers all have at least a Bachelor’s Degree and contribute positively to our society. They are typically health care professionals and software developers, areas where the U. S. has significant shortages. If an employer wants to hire skilled foreign workers, application must be made six months in advance. The cost will be in the thousands of dollars with no guarantee the employer will be matched with a worker.

On the “Con” side, illegal immigrants have violated the law. They lower wages for the Americans who would do those same jobs.

When asked what he feels will happen when all the arguments for and against play out, Attorney Jason Feldman said, in an interview with the San Diego Professional Journal, “I think something positive will come out of it (Immigration Reform) by allowing more skilled workers and reducing the time frame from application to hiring. It also makes sense that those here illegally start to pay taxes”.

There should not be restrictions on skilled workers and certainly none on workers with a Master’s Degree or higher. If companies in the United States can’t get the workers they need, they open overseas offices and other countries than the United States get the economic benefits. As one example of this, Bill Gates testified before Congress that he couldn’t get the skilled workers he needed. Congress didn’t listen so Gates opened an office in Canada and hired the workers he needed there.

Many companies have started to outsource to India and other places because there are not enough U.S. visas available for the workers they need. If companies could bring the foreign nationals into the U.S., the money would stay in the United States and benefit the economy.

There has been support along these same lines from the American Immigration Lawyers Association and from Cyrus Mehta, founder of another prestigious law firm active in the immigration field.

Where do you suppose all this will end? Or will it?

Jason Feldman’s law office, Feldman Feldman and Associates is located at 2221 Camino Del Rio South #201, San Diego, CA 92108, phone 619-299-9600.

American Immigration Lawyers Association can be seen

Cyrus Mehta of the New York law firm Cyrus D Mehta & Associates views can be seen

See other articles about Mr. Feldman at  CNN and in Press Releases by PRBuzz

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